Turning Traditional Learning Into Interactive Gamification

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Gone are the days when fun used to be the sole purpose of the games. Nowadays these are emerging as a powerful tool of interactive e-learning gamification to develop competencies and personalities. The blend of gamification into education/learning is what helps the companies, departments, and enterprises to gain the needed learning potential. 

Serious games are a surefire way to engage the players in finding the solution to the problem and turned out to be more educational than traditional course books or learning methods. The increasing need and preference for interactive gamification in learning are what makes it a suitable fit for education, business, army, medical, etc. 

How Gamification Is Becoming An Unavoidable Need? 

Gamification can help the students/learners in explore, study, and learn without compromising the enjoyment of interaction levels. As per a study by Finances Online, around 67% of people found interactive learning through gamification more captivating and motivating as compared with traditional curriculum. 

When compared with traditional learning methods, Gamification has already proven itself as a more useful technique. It boosts self-confidence, retention levels, proactive nature, practical knowledge, and conceptual knowledge in an individual. 

Transforming the boring lectures or sessions into an enhanced learning experience is what makes all the difference. The person can choose to explore and opt for the desired content, earn rewards/badges, and other benefits. With interactive learning through gamificationthe person feels an inner drive to get more involved with the content, in-depth understanding, and excellent materials. 

Tap Into Gamification For Next-Level Interactive Learning

Simply put, gamification is to blend the application of game design and mechanics in non-game or different contexts. There are plenty of interactive processes like point systems, reward points, and more. Nowadays, gamification is playing a vital role in various sectors to bridge the gap between complex learning and enjoyment. 

The majority of people are not self-motivated to develop a personal interest in the learning or training programs. A lot of students keep trying to study merely under the pressure of getting good grades. But, that’s exactly where they lose the required concentration and engagement. Gamification in education is what comes as a life savior in such a scenario. 

It creates interactive and fun experiences to boost engagement and motivation levels. The methodology makes the learning visible along with giving personal ownership and freedom to learn and explore the various scenarios. Gamification in education sector allows the students to process the information at a pace and comfortable way. 

Top Reasons for Making the Gamification In Learning Effective 

Implementing gamification into the field of education develops fun and interactive mode of participation. Let’s dig into some of its contributions to making learning more effective than ever. 

1. Fill Learning Process With Fun

Games are an obvious way of learning that is well versed with every age group. Rather than simply reading books/courses or listening to lectures, gamified education provides more inspiration and engagement levels. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love playing a game while getting to learn a topic. Gamification in a traditional education environment has blend more fun and interactions in the entire process. 

2. Boosts Competitive & Positive Motivation

Learning is all about overcoming your challenges. Gamification makes it simpler with the addition of a fun and interactive nature throughout the process. As the person feels more connected and involved with the gaming environment, he has the urge to do better (like in any other casual game) and results are driven by sheer positivity. 

3. Develops Mental Stability

The interactive e-learning gamification can help with certain chemicals in the physical body that is responsible for signaling to the brain. It results in increased motivation, boosted grades, increase engagement, and a successful learning process. Some popular chemicals like Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins are released in the body while playing the gamified solutions. 

Serious Games: An Effective Learning Medium 

As mentioned previously, gamification is intended to boost the interactive environment and culture, serious games are more imparting problem-solving skills I.e. education. The major purpose of Serious Games is to solve a problem or meet certain obligations along with other additional purposes.

Serious games are a primary source of interactive learning through gamificationThey have gained huge popularity in the past decade. The technology has been known to serve the people in more simplified and dedicated regard. The participants remain full of motivation, instructions, positivity, the urge to win, and many other useful traits in a learning process. 

Gamification in a traditional education environment can help in achieving the core learning objectives, social engagement and collaboration, behavior, education, and plenty of other aspects. Thus, Serious Games outshine the traditional educational content and approaches with an added form of effective learning with a sense of positive competition and satisfaction. 

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