How do you captivate employees’ full attention during training sessions?

May 9, 2022 2022-08-03 7:38

Case Study

Corporate Employee Training

serious games for corporate training

Project Overview

The main objective of designing this corporate training game was to enable the employees to exercise their skills more confidently and experiment with new things. We created game stages based on various possible corporate situations and problems that will allow the employees to use their fullest ability to  solve problems most efficiently despite uncalled situations.

We built this project for an eminent banking corporation that came with a request to create a realistic game that would be educational as well as adventurous and be a more meaningful training module than other training/teaching methods. This corporate training game mainly concentrates on imparting management, strategic planning and team management skills.

serious games for education and training

Challenges Overcome

Firstly, the main challenge is that as employees are wide and diverse, their learning methods and capacities are also different. The second challenge was the employees’ and companies’ lack of time for training. So our team designed the corporate employee training game with an approach of educating ad training every employee equally and in a very less time.

We gathered the clear learning objectives from the company and built the game with a perfect storyline along with the right educative and entertainment elements.

Unmatched Solutions

Corporate employee training facilitates a learning experience that allows them to engage with personalised, immersive action-based games to learn intricate skills and concepts. This game can be used to train employees from diverse groups and facilitates the employees to self-learn without the involvement of trainers. It also makes training cost-efficient for the company.

The game needs only a few hours to complete the training objective. At every stage and attempt, player performance will be indicated and mentions the areas they need to improve.

corporate learning employee training

Overwhelming Results

The corporate provided the feedback that all their employees who took the training with the game have successfully completed their learning objective with full attention and engagement. Employees were keen to understand their performance reports and try attempting the game to improve their skills. This positive result indicates that serious games and gamification are new study/training techniques with a good player engagement and completion rate.

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