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Serious Games for Training and Consultancy

Creating serious games with a combination of storytelling, entertainment and gaming elements that can be used as an effective consultation and training tool.

Serious Games for Training and Consultancy
Serious game simulation training

Why Serious Games for Training and consultancy?

From assessing the productivity, interest, performance and upskilling to teaching core processes, onboarding, troubleshooting and organizational skills, every necessary training and consultancy feature can be achieved by using well designed serious games. Serious game training can be an effective tool as it is an immersive learning method that takes trainees into a fictional world and lets them experience the scenarios in real and tone their skills accordingly. 

We Transform Fun Gaming Into An Infotainment Experience

We design serious games that can help gamers understand the most complex concepts interestingly. Our training and consultancy games optimize the concentration of the trainees and gain the desired improvements and changes in them as they provide immediate feedback at every stage and urge the trainees to achieve them.

Serious gaming for training and consultancy

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Impart experience through Serious Games

We have a defined approach to building serious games that will favor our team and the clients. The Serious Game training helps us achieve our targets effectively and sustainably. 

Setting objectives

We start by studying your training programs and identifying the pain points. Post that we can sit together to understand your needs and set clear objectives for building the serious game you desire for. 

Planning resources

Once the objectives are defined, we will start working on a strategy and develop a detailed plan on how we will achieve the objectives and measure success. A detailed list of resources required will be discussed with you, and post-approval will be acquired.

Developing the product

Once all the required resources are acquired, we will develop the product. We will constantly communicate the updates during development and show you the results at regular intervals. 

Supporting implementation

After finishing the development, we will show the product to you, and if any feedback is provided, necessary changes will be made. Once the product is handed over, we will be available to support the implementation of the project. 

Frequently asked questions

Do serious games have any fun element attached to them?

Of course yes. Similar to other entertainment games serious games also have all the fun and entertainment elements such as a core storyline, timers, scoreboard, targets, results and other adventure elements.

Will you add our customisations and consultancy needs into the game?

Yes, along with you we will sit and study your consultancy and training needs and create the core idea based on it. We design your customized serious games, which will have your branding and training materials embedded to it. 

Do you create games adaptable for the website?

No, Serious games and gamification have differences. Serious gaming for training and consultancy is a training activity that can be used as a learning and training resource. But gamification blends game mechanics with the traditional learning source syllabus. You can choose them based on your requirements.

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