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Serious Games for Industrial Training

Creating immersive industrial training solutions and realistic scenarios to communicate the most important content to your employees in an abstract manner. 

Serious Games for Industrial Training
serious game in industry

Why Serious Games for Industrial Training?

Serious gaming for industrial training is designed to teach employees industry-specific problem-solving skills, working with machinery and other processes in the most engaging and fun manner. In recent times, Serious game in industrial training has become the most popular training tools as they involve challenges and rewards, which hold the trainees' full attention to complete the game as well as the training with 100% concentration. 

We Transform Fun Gaming Into An Infotainment Experience

Serious game in industrial training is a well-structured combination of entertainment, fun and science. We develop well designed serious games that use the elements of entertainment and engagement to help the trainees understand complex content and develop necessary skills in an impactful way to perform their duties efficiently. 

Gamification in industry sector

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How Do We Bring the Best Of Serious Games

We have a defined approach to building serious games industrial training that will favor our team and the clients. It helps us achieve our targets effectively and sustainably. 

Setting objectives

We start by studying your training programs and identifying the pain points. Post that, we can sit together to understand your needs and set clear objectives for building the serious game you desire for. 

Planning resources

Once the objectives are defined, we will start working on a strategy and develop a detailed plan on how we will achieve the objectives and measure success. A detailed list of resources required will be discussed with you and post-approval will be acquired.

Developing the product

Once all the required resources are acquired, we will start developing the product. We will constantly communicate the updates during development and show you the results at regular intervals. 

Supporting implementation

After finishing the development, we will show the product to you, and if any feedback is provided, necessary changes will be made. Once the product is handed over, we will be available to support the implementation of the project. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the prominent use cases of serious in industrial training?

As serious games are flexible and easy to adapt, they can be used in any training and learning initiatives from machinery operation, production process, data collection, task improvisation, or other upskilling processes.

Does serious game help us study the performance of our trainees and employees?

Yes, serious games come with an option of qualitative online training assessments. This will help you study the performance of your trainees on how well they understood the concept and how effectively they are using them.

Do we need to provide the game's core idea or designing experience, or you can help us with it?

If you have an idea, we can validate and use it; if not, we can sit together to brainstorm and come up with the idea. On the designing part, our team can guide you completely. If you have any pre-decided templates, we can build the game on it.

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