How can museums impart knowledge and enhance the visitor experience?

May 9, 2022 2022-08-15 7:50

Case Study

Museum Tour - Virtually

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Project Overview

Museum tours combine museum resources with an academic storytelling approach for scientific research and education. It can also play a significant role in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The
main aim behind this project was to take the museum and its collections to a virtual world and reach them to people across the globe.

Prominent museum authorities came up with the idea of building a virtual museum tour that would include all their collection and stories behind them. We designed the museum tour in two ways – web based browsing and VR technology. The virtual museum is built using the combination of 3D technology, 360 virtual spaces, 3D prints, digital twins and VR/AR.

serious games in museum tour

Challenges Overcome

The main challenge was to recreate the museum world virtually. We took the help of 360 photography and converted them into virtual space. We created the digital twins of artefacts and other collections in the museum and created the museum tour. We added a virtual assistant that will explain the story of each collection

Unmatched Solutions

Virtual museum tours are the best of academic research and learning. The museum plays an important role in studying and researching history, archaeology, environment and their effects on people. When it takes a virtual mode, people worldwide can use them for educational and research purposes. Museums can be used to study art, literacy, science, language, civics, people, history, geography and other social sciences. It is also an excellent solution for the hospitality and tourism department.

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Overwhelming Results

We build the museum tour that replicates the museum virtually. It is a self-learning resource which will educate the user about the collections in depth. If the user chooses the web-based tour they can roam around the museum with their keyboard by exploring around the virtual environment. If users have VR glasses, they can take the VR museum tour and explore the museum more fantastically and engagingly.

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