How can a serious game help children be more attentive?

May 9, 2022 2022-08-31 5:39

Case Study

How can a serious game help children be more attentive?

serious games in higher education

Project Overview

The traditional training and learning resources were not apt enough to help students in gaining reliable help and evolution. Having a safe channel of learning is what every kid needs in the current scenario.

A major institution was focused to implement serious games to deliver an instruction-friendly environment to the kids learning approaches. They wanted to move beyond the in-house training resources and tap into the Serious Games.

DMG Studio analyzed the scenario and understood the hindrance in the learning approach for the kids. We implemented the actionable approach and came forward with the top-notch immersive learning
experiences for kids.

benefits of serious games in education

Challenges Overcome

The major challenge at our end was to create an all-in-one learning game that can keep every student engaged along with facilitating behavioral change. Our pilot program was focused to create impeccable gameplay to bridge the gap between learning and fun culture. Along with engaging gaming channels, we had to implement certain other features like rewards, feedback, etc. to measure the performance metrics.

Unmatched Solutions

Our state-of-the-art technology expertise has helped in the implementation of Serious Games in the learning scope. The end solutions are designed to motivate them to indulge in attractive gameplay and functional processes. These are well-suited to bring powerful results through next-level virtual training programs.

educational strategies in serious games

Overwhelming Results

Our Serious Games has helped the kids training programs with everything that was missing. The immersive gameplay and interactive behavior have allowed the kids to blend in easily and experience immersive learning and behavior changes. Our team of experts at DMG Group has made the best use of interactive approaches to make the learning fun for the kids.

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