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Interactive 3D Training & Simulation Service Provider

Assisting organizations in harvesting new skill-set with fun simulations and interactive 3D trainings. We design the custom virtual simulation platform to enhance learning and procedural knowledge.

Interactive 3d training services - DMG Studio

Why Interactive 3D Trainings?

For procedural training & learning, opting for a virtual 3D simulation is an ideal choice. The realistic interactive 3D training services are far better in learning, self-efficacy, and other benefits as compared to other instructional mediums. The virtual 3D simulation training creates a realistic ecosystem where staff create and process repetitive tasks.

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We create interactive 3D experiences!

DMG Studio, a top-notch interactive 3D training company brings powerful simulation solutions for multi-purpose learning benefits like safety, compliance, maintenance, and evacuation.


Simulation-Based Meta Study Training

We bring the state-of-the-art simulation-based meta-study training to power up the learning effects, retention rate, and self-efficacy. Being the best interactive 3D training service providers, we can accelerate the learning potential. 


VR Training For Immersive Learning

We have extensive experience in bringing the best VR training medium to various industries. Our immersive virtual learning experience can boost realism, scalability, and other learning objectives. 


Sheer Engagement & Motivation

Our specialists can design a Serious Game to fill the player with motivation. With rewards, interactive training, & feedback, our serious games can create an immersive experience.


Learning With Positivity

Serious game development is based on two basic parameters, i.e., fun learning and positive thought process. These games lead to an enhanced learning experience with a blend of positivity. 


Insight that drives

Interactive 3D Training with some mind blowing insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How virtual training is better than in-person training? 

The resource coordination in live in-person training is a bit daunting task that comes with a hefty price tag too. You’ll require the entire set of equipment, resources, technicians, etc. to provide the training. On the contrary, virtual training is more affordable and provides better results.

Why should we choose DMG Group for VR training?

We are experts in the field and possess more than a decade of experience in the 3D training program. After boosting the ROI & productivity of the various business, we can be your reliable interactive 3D training company in your success journey too.

Is there any fixed duration of interactive simulation training?

Yes, the duration of the simulation training relies on the number of users and end objectives. We will need to analyze your expectation scope and can provide the estimated time as per the same.

What makes a serious game so good?

Unlike traditional gamification, serious games have applied elements and interactive storylines to make the tasks enjoyable. Serious games are designed to achieve a specific goal with interactive concepts.

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