How do you train industrial staff about technology evolutions?

May 9, 2022 2022-08-03 7:38

Case Study

Industrial Training Simulation VR

serious games in industrial simulation

Project Overview

The traditional resources to train and support the Industrial workers are not helpful enough and constantly evolving. Having a safe medium of training and learning is a critical need for the industries.

A major utility firm was eager to implement VR (Virtual Reality) to provide safe instruction in a relatable environment. They wanted to move ahead of the in-house training sessions that prove to be too costly and time-consuming.

DMG Studio understood the problem of low-class communication and waste of money and resources. Industrial Training Simulation VR training implementation could improve empathy through VR training,
and we worked in the same regard to offer an immersive training experience.

serious games in industry training

Challenges Overcome

We began with the few weeks pilot program to create the next-level Industrial Training Simulation VR training channels. We created the VR prototype with a blend of agile methodology and human centered approaches. With VR experience, we helped the utility firm to gain an agile, efficient, and effective employee training approach. The result scoring system allows the trainee with immediate feedback.

Unmatched Solutions

Industrial Training Simulation VR training experience was well implemented to help the executives and trainers in Industrial processes. It encouraged them to indulge in friendly discussions and conceptual meetings to bring effective results as compared to the typical classroom settings.

We got an appreciation from the trainees for the immediate feedback and powerful simulations. The Industrial Training Simulation VR training proved to be amazing for boosting commitment and innovation-driven skills in the organization.

serious games in industry education

Overwhelming Results

The immersive VR experience prototype in Industrial training sessions enhanced the willingness of executives, and trainers to adopt this new-generation technology. DMG came with the proposed planning to scale the training across the enterprise. Our professional pool of design experts, augmented reality (AR), and 3D modeling enhances learning results in a fun manner.

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