Will Immersive Learning in the Metaverse Become the Future of E-Learning?


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The learning industry has come a long way from the advent of the internet to modern-day online learning. Now that competing visions of the metaverse are emerging, learning leaders are starting to delve into this ‘new’ thing to understand how it can advance e-learning and adult training. In the metaverse, a person can be present at a particular place without being physically present there. An individual is just represented by an avatar that might look like them. This article walks through some metaverse-enabled real-world learning and development applications.

What Is The Metaverse?

A metaverse is defined as a digital space represented by digital representations of people, things, and also places. In simple words, it can be said that the metaverse is a ‘digital world’ with real people who are represented by look-alike digital objects. 
At a very basic level, a version of the metaverse is already explored by some avid video gamers as they explore their 3D gaming environments by using avatars or holographic representations of themselves. 
Some pros of the metaverse are that they help connect the world and negate physical distance, provide an immersive experience, improve online education and learning system, and also upgrade social media and gaming.
Talking about problems, the metaverse negatively impacts societies, losing connection with the physical realm, and also there are privacy and security issues. 

Metaverse In L&D – A New Approach To Enhance Learning

metaverse and e-learning

Learning and development (L&D) are all about opening the mind of people to new and advanced ideas and thoughts. It is the efficient combination of the metaverse and learning that will make it possible for people to push the boundaries of their physical limitations and enter into new paradigms of learning. 

Gone are the days when e-learning used to be in imagination. Courtesy of advanced technological revolutions like the metaverse, the learner can experience the imagination into a reality. It is the metaverse that has made it possible to conduct immersive learning by combining and bringing the currently practiced physical classroom, digital self-paced learning, and also virtual learning into a single platform.   

Impactful Technologies Of The Metaverse

The below-mentioned are some technologies that play a major role in the metaverse:

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is referred to a 3D and computer-generated virtual environment that creates or replicates the real world’s illusion. It has the potential to deliver an engaging and immersive learning experience. With VR learners need not risk their safety in the real world to experience true-to-life situations.

2. Augmented Reality

In Augmented Reality, text, graphics, audio, and real-time virtual information are used to create and enhance objects. The digital experience is enhanced through AR by combining the natural environment and the virtual space where objects interact with the real world. 

3. Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is a mix of both the physical and digital world that further unlocks natural and intuitive 3D human, computer, and environmental interactions. It is the computer vision, display technologies, graphical processing, cloud computing, and input systems on which new reality is based. 

4. Extended Reality

Extended Reality is referred to as all real and virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions that are generated by using computer technology and wearables. It is an emerging umbrella term for all immersive technologies, including VR, AR, and MR. 


Metaverse Adding Value In Online Education


Now that the metaverse brings virtual, stimulated experiences closer to real-life experiences, combining and leveraging its power holds great potential for learning and development. Here enlisted are some benefits of the metaverse in L&D:

  • Compared to VR and AR training, the metaverse provides learners with more life-like experiences.
  • For hybrid learners, it will act as a meeting point for people, situations, and processes across different geographies and time zones. 
  • The metaverse offers a safe and cost-efficient alternative to experience the involved practice sessions while learning.
  • The combination of learning and play will help learners embrace the metaverse-enabled e-learning. 
When it comes to training, several industries with high-risk environments are already leveraging the benefits of metaverse learning. The metaverse offers learner-centered training experiences to the employees. Different types of training that incorporate the metaverse are onboarding training, sales training, safety training, and skills training. 
The metaverse can add value to the training in the following mentioned ways:
  • Learner-centered training solutions
  • Addressing hybrid workspaces
  • Improving better decision-making capabilities of the workforce

Future Aspect of The Metaverse In L&D

Now that the metaverse is still in the infancy stage, it will take time for the real world to adapt. However, with the induction program within the organizations operating in a hybrid model, the employees can very well learn the concept of the metaverse. 
Here is what the combination of the metaverse and learning might look like in the future:
By combining the metaverse and learning, other real-world learning and development applications might involve virtual project de-briefings. This will enable geographically disbursed teams to take part in the real-life-like teachable moments and lessons learned. Other opportunities may present themselves in certification / re-certification and continuous upskilling. 

How DMG Studio Can Help With the Metaverse & E-learning?

metaverse and learning
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