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October 11, 2021 2022-07-20 13:13

We are experts in immersive learning, serious games and digital trainings

We support companies, governments, and NGOs to access outstanding learning solutions that are efficient, enthusiastic, engaging, and sustainable.

How we support you

Amazing immersive learning solutions


Serious Games

Our Serious games are an engaging and sustainable way to help people understand and memorize knowledge.

Interactive 3D Training

Our digital training solutions are the best way to equip your employees with the right knowledge and certifications for their work

10 Day Prototype

Our 10-day prototype program gives you quick access to our team and a validation of your learning idea after 10-days.
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We have been successfully working in the field of innovation and digitalisation for 15 years now, helping clients with over 500 projects to evolve digitally, innovate, automate and transform technologically.


Expert Team

Our broad and multidisciplinary team consists of experts from the field of designers, 3D artists, and developers who will guide you to achieve all your 3D immersive training and serious games development and applications quickly and effortlessly. 


Cost & Time Efficient

We ardently respect sustainability and value resources. We ensure to come up with the best possible serious games company implied with cost and time efficient solutions that you can incorporate into your training immediately and see the results shortly. 


Consultation & Networking

Over 15 years of experience, we have built a broad ecosystem of vendors, manufacturers, designers and other experts who can help our clients when needed. When external support and resources are required, we can bring in trustworthy sources for you. 


Let's hear from people that love us!

" DMG developed a serious game that made our onboard training easier. We collected data on our new joiners' interests and characteristics. It pushed employees to practice more, study the results, and improve accordingly."


" As a founder I always look for exponential ways to improve our user’s experience. With the help of DMG’s 3D team, we build a serious game that will help our staff and other workers communicate efficiently and effectively "

Carla Wildner

" As a result of DMG’s interactive 3D training workshop, we are now able to add interactive elements and study materials as a part of our special children's OT training. Very supportive team 🙂 "

Kevin Kay

" I was delighted with the interactive 3D modules that DMG came up with for my employees' soft skills training programme. They took our idea and vision and helped us enjoy the desired result cost-efficiently."
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Frequently Asked Question

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Do you create serious games only for training purposes?

We create games that can train, educate, and helps in practicing any kind of skills and process. It can be anything from industrial training, management training, child education, psychological and socially impactful learning, etc. 

Who will hold the copyright of the product?

Once we hand over the serious game or other interactive 3D materials, the ownership and copyrights belong to you.

Can you add our branding to the serious game?

Yes, all our serious games are highly customizable. You can add your brand colour and branding elements to the games

Do you help with the gaming ideation, or should we have an initial idea?

Yes, It can work in both ways. We will validate it and let you know its scalability if you have a brief initial idea. If not, we can co-jointly brainstorm and come up with ideas to build your serious game and interactive training solution. 

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